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We're an empathetic in-home service provider that understands the special needs of your loved ones. We are dedicated to help seniors lead dignified and independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes. 


Compassionate Comfort Care's undertaking is to form lasting and personalized bonds with our beloved clients  and design a care routine that balances and integrates your health needs with the importance of your personal freedom, access to friends, family, and the comforts of your home and belongings.


We feel you will live happier, longer, and where needed, recover quicker, while never losing your sense of self or independence common with other types of in-home care. Whether you are limited by Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, chronically ill, have a child with disabilities or special needs, recovering from surgery, or a new mother needing a helping hand, we will provide an individualized, caring, compassionate service with a mind to become family and a heart that extends well beyond the need of our services.


Our key benefits are:


♦ Personnel – Our compassionate personnel are devoted employees, whom are carefully selected to fulfill the personal interests and needs of our clients daily.


♦ Viewpoint – Our comforting philosophy enhances family values for our clients, supported with efforts designed to set the minds at ease of seniors’ family members.                                          


♦ Care Strategy – Our care plans concentrates on obtaining essential information for producing milestones heading to our established goal, ultimately ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.












Contact Us to learn more about our services, or to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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