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We encourage you to ask us questions!
Here are some frequently asked questions with the answers provided for your convenience. If you have a question that is not listed, please ask us directly. We look forward to hearing from you and we pledge to do our best to answer all your questions.


Do I get to pick the person looking after me, or my loved one?


Yes. If requested, Compassionate Comfort Care will arrange a meeting with your preselected caregiver. The most important thing is that you are happy and feel comfortable with your caregiver. We encourage your involvement in the decision-making process. We always try to accommodate any requests you may have for a change in caregivers (lawfully). If you do not like the match or your loved one is uncomfortable for any reason, please inform us immediately. Our office will assist you in finding a new caregiver until you are satisfied.




Will we have the same caregiver every time?


We can’t promise your caregiver will always be on hand, but we’ll make every effort to have the same caregiver for every visit. Our objective is to establish a long-term caregiving relationship with your loved one. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a winning home care experience. If your loved one receives care for many hours in a day or at different times of the day throughout the week, it may be necessary to schedule more than one caregiver in a given week. We may introduce a new caregiver so that you’ll always have an available “substitute replacement” who are familiar with your loved one’s needs and with whom you feel comfortable. We’ll do what it takes to make sure we attain that goal.




Do I have to sign a contract or keep services for a specified period of time?


No. However a service agreement is required to reflect this. You can change the number or type of service whenever you deem necessary. You can also cancel our services at any time with a 48 hour notice. You’re never obligated to a long-term agreement; therefore you can discontinue your services at your will.




What are different services that Compassionate Comfort Care offers?


We offer a full range of non-medical home care services that may include transportation services, home health check, homemaker services, companion services, and Alzheimer’s care services.




What happens if my caregiver gets sick?


Compassionate Comfort Care employs a team of caregivers so that your care service will not be interrupted if someone gets sick or goes on vacation. We will call to notify you of the situation, and if you have not previously met the substitute replacement caregiver, a member of our team will typically come to your home to make introductions. Our top priority is to ensure that services are provided as expected.




Are your employees trained?


Yes. We start by hiring caregivers who have experience working in senior care. Then we train them internally through the Compassionate Comfort Care Training Program. Our employees are required to continue their education and training throughout their employment with us extensively.




Can you tell me what should I be looking for in a non-medical home care agency?


When deciding, make sure you know what’s most important to you and/or your loved one. Here are several factors you may want to consider when making a final decision:


  • Agency should have a legitimate license number

  • Agency should have screened employees with criminal background checks

  • Agency should have someone available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year

  • Agency should guarantee that services will always be provided.

  • Agency employees should be bonded against theft.

  • Agency caregivers should be company employees, not contract employees.

  • Agency employees and staff members should have visual agency identification.


Ask for medical experience and pay attention to detail. See what feeling you get when you converse with them. Seek additional signs of professionalism you can be sure about. Ask lots of questions and see what reaction you get and how much time you are given on the telephone. A pleasing, efficient office will echo the sort of care you can be expecting in your loved one’s home.





Do I pay the caregiver directly?


No, you should never pay a caregiver directly. And you’ll never be asked to pay an additional fee to any employee. You or a pre-selected family member will receive an invoice every week, and payment should be remitted directly to our office bi-weekly.




Can I pick the services I want?


Yes, you certainly can pick and choose the services that you want. You are the customer and you tell us what to do!




Are your employees insured?


Yes, all our employees are screened and insured. This helps ensure the safety and well being of your loved one(s). We perform a criminal history background check and then cover each caregiver with general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.




Can Compassionate Comfort Care assist with medication?


Yes. Our caregivers can remind your loved one to take medication at appropriate times, but they cannot help or dispense the medication. Actually, medication reminders are one of our most requested services, because we can report any visible side effects to the client’s family.




Does Compassionate Comfort Care accept credit card payments?


Yes. We accept all major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We can also arrange for ACH automatic withdrawals if requested, pending on the contracted care plan.




How often do I get billed for services?


Billing is done on a weekly basis via mail or email, whichever you select. Our invoices can be sent to clients, their family members, trust officers, or other care managers weekly, but payments are due bi-weekly.




What if my loved one needs to be put in a care facility while receiving services?


No problem. Whether it’s a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility Compassionate Comfort Care will work with you and the facility to continue providing your services.




Can you do short-term care?


Yes. Each plan of care agreement is specified to your needs. Therefore the lengths of services are per your designed request.




How quickly can service start?


Right away! Based on your needs and requests, we can provide a caregiver immediately or slowly.




Will Compassionate Comfort Care confirm if my insurance covers non-medical home care and/or home health care services before starting service?


Yes. With your approval, we will check your coverage and let you know. However, any payment from the insurance company must be made to the client, rather than Compassionate Comfort Care. We do not accept direct payment Assignment of Benefits from the insurance company.




Does Medicaid or Medicare cover your non-medical home care services with Compassionate Comfort Care?


No. Medicare doesn’t cover non-medical home care services. However some Home Health Care eligibilities can qualify a limit to how much home care can be covered by a Medicare certified Home Health Agencies and/ or Medicaid providers.




How much does Compassionate Comfort Care charge for in-home care?


We understand that every family needs regarding care are not the same, therefore an assessment is required to determine these cost.

Here are some assessment factors that contribute into the cost:


  • The type of service received

  • The number of hours of service received.

  • The quantity of services

  • Where the services are provided


A rate sheet is provided before starting service proceedings. Rates are subject to change, pending on the customer needs changing. However an increase in rates will never take place without at least thirty days notice.

We encourage you to contact your local office in advance for information regarding rates.




What is the advantage to hiring a Compassionate Comfort Care caregiver opposed to a private caregiver for my loved one?


Compassionate Comfort Care prides itself on building relationships in your local community, and is committed to building long term relationships with both client and employees. There are many challenges and liabilities in hiring privately, and we specialize in meeting them. Below are some of the challenges you will have to concern yourself with privately:


  • State and federal payroll taxes

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Liability Insurance

  • Personal Auto Insurance

  • Potential absenteeism

  • Background check

  • Bonding against theft

  • Supervision

  • And much more…




How do I recognize if I need a companion, CNA/Home Health Aide, or a nurse?


An office manager or nurse is always a phone call away and can provide an explanation. However a companion can only provide homemaker care, socialization, and household tasks etc., but no “hands on” support. A CNA/HHA can provide hands on support such as grooming, bathing, toileting activities, monitor blood pressure, and much more personal services. Lastly a Nurse has more medical knowledge and can distribute medicine, manage pain, attend to wounds and supervise CNA/HHA’s and address any unforeseen challenges a client may undergo.




What if my loved one needs 24 hour care can you help?


Yes, we can provide 24 hour care with shifts and/ or live-in caregivers. Compassionate Comfort Care specializes in providing assisted living in the comforts of your loved ones home.




What if my loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s related Dementia can you help?


Absolutely we can. When Dementia or Alzheimer’s experience is required we can provide only that type of trained caregiver. We have especially educated our employees to work with memory issues and all types of Dementia to help them reside safely at home. We understand the importance of the situation, and approach it with caring watchfulness.




Compassionate Comfort Care appears to be an excellent choice for my loved one. What’s the next step?


Use the form on this page to request a free consultation. Then a Compassionate Comfort Care representative will contact you directly to schedule a time meet to finish the assessment.


Or, give us a call. Then we’ll arrange a time to visit you, your loved one to fully talk about your particular situation and how we can assist. Collectively, we’ll go over the care your loved one requires and the care we provide. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding services and costs. Then, we’ll begin putting together your Custom Care Plan and matching your loved one with the right caregiver. Usually, care can begin within a matter of a few days or sooner if needed.




How do you keep my personal information private?


Privacy begins once we have an official services agreement, before we assign a caregiver to your loved ones home. The written service agreement specifies the precise controls on the use of your private information. No individuals who are unauthorized will be given access to information without a client’s consent. Compassionate Comfort Care follows all state and federal rules related to privacy of personal and healthcare information. Only the caregivers and authorized office staff will have accessibility to information related to the care of your loved one.



Do I need a doctor’s approval to utilize your services?


No. You have complete control on the decision regarding using our services.




When a caregiver shift is completed, how can I confirm it?


We have a tracking system. Initially, Compassionate Comfort Care has the caregiver call a specific phone number from the client’s home upon starting or ending a shift. This designated phone line registers the inbound call time, origin of the call, and name of the client. Afterwards, an electronic message is sent to an office staff member who’s responsible for tracking shift times. Then these e-mails can be sent to the client for confirmation.


Also, our caregivers are required to fill out easy time sheets. The combination of the e-mail and timesheets will validate the time. Lastly, our itemized invoices will allow you to question any concerns you may have regarding the date of care or time.




How long have you been in business?


Established in 2012, Compassionate Comfort Care was incorporated in the state of Florida and headquartered in West Palm Beach.




Does Compassionate Comfort Care offer benefits for its employees?


Yes. Information regarding benefits will be provided during the potential employee’s orientation.




Does Compassionate Comfort Care have a care plan for each client?


Yes. The purpose it to outline the process and contents of a written agreement for contracted services, to ensure that care, treatment and/or services are provided in a safe efficient, consistent and competent manner by Compassionate Comfort Care.


When the contract of the client and Compassionate Comfort Care is agreed upon, the client will then be informed on the caregiver delivering the service, the scheduled times, and the direct contact regarding any potential questions or concerns.




What is the difference between home health care and home care?


Home health care is skilled care from a nurse or medical professional provided in a home, and Home care is medical or non-medical care that is provided for the client in their home by a homemaker, companion, or personal care services.




How does Compassionate Comfort Care select my caregiver?


We match your specific requirements and needs to the skills and conditions of each caregiver we have to find the perfect match.




What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?


When the office is closed, there is always an on-call person available to assist you. 365 days a year (including holidays), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The on-call person can be reached by phone, if you call your local main office number and adhere to the instructions.




What if I have a question or problem, whom should I contact?


Don’t hesitate to phone our office and speak with a staff member regarding any concerns or questions.




What if I have an appointment, can I make changes to the schedule?


Yes. We just request that you give us as a 48 hour notice.




Are there any hidden fees I may obtain?


No. There are no hidden fees. Every care plan agreement identifies any additional authorized expenses.




What happens if we change our mind and no longer desire your services?


When you choose Compassionate Comfort Care, we understand circumstances may change. Therefore we only request that a 48 hour notice to cancel our service agreement is provided.




Is Compassionate Comfort Care service only available in the home?


No, we can provide our services to you whether you live at home or a senior’s complex or health care facility.




Can your caregivers travel with my loved one(s)?


Yes. We can arrange to have a caregiver travel with your loved one; however your agreement may need some fine-tunings to do so. Our caregivers provide a 24 hour care, however if you desire your specific caregiver their travel availability may need to be verified in case arrangements for their loved one(s) need to be addressed.




What can I expect in a typical day with my caregiver?


It depends on the type of service you have requested. Our caregiver will do their best to make every day an exceptional experience for your loved one and set your mind at ease.





Is the cost for services covered by my health plan?


Depending on your coverage and the services required, some of the costs may be covered by your health plan. You will have to ask your health plan provider for details.




Where are your services provided?


Our Florida office is an initial part of a nationwide network of in-home healthcare plans. Palm Beach County, Florida is the primary location where Compassionate Comfort Care focal point is. View all of our service areas.



Still have questions?

If you could not find an answer to your question, we encourage you to call today at 888-929-9224 or Contact Us!



















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