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Here are some of the Companion Services our care specialist will provide:

Compassionate Comfort Care care specialist’ will help with daily activities, and the things that your loved one no longer can do for themselves.

♦ Sitter/Companionship & Conversation

♦ Read Books to Clients

♦ Letter Writing & Correspondence

♦ Playing Games with Client

♦ Participate In Crafts with Client

♦ Going on Walks with Client

♦ Cooking For or With the Client

♦ Serving Meals To Client

♦ Providing Medication Reminders

♦ Entertainment Assistance

♦ Escort to Appointments

♦ Accompany to Visit Friends

♦ Attend Events with Client

♦ Escort to Shopping Outings

♦ Airport Assistance

Whether the services are for you or a loved one, Compassionate Comfort Care can offer respite to family members and help extend and enhance living at home as a safe and comfortable alternative to institutional living without the stress of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits.

♦ Accompany to Plays

♦ Go with to Religious Services

♦ Planning

♦ Rent, Play & Discuss Movies

♦ Discuss Current Events

♦ Reminisce About the Past

♦ Assist with Bill Pay

♦ Plan Outings, & Trips

♦ Maintain Scrapbook

♦ Maintain Client Calendar

♦ Prepare Future Meals

♦ Clothing Selection Aide

♦ Special Occasion Aide

♦ Discuss Current Events

♦ Reminisce About the Past


Contact Us to learn more about our services, or to Schedule a Free Consultation.

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